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Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development

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Board Member
Rekha Shetty
PDG (D3230)

Dr. Rekha Shetty is the Managing Director of Farstar Distribution Network, a unique consultancy company devoted exclusively to innovation and creativity under the brand name Mindspower. She consults with some of the Region’s major corporates on long term Innovation Initiatives that involve everyone from doorman to Chairman.

She is an author, an entrepreneur and an original thinker. A Ph.D from Madras University, on the subject of innovation, Dr. Rekha Shetty began her career with a brilliant academic record with two university ranks. Her thoughts come from a deep study of many disciplines: Management, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, History and Spirituality.

Shetty, Rekha, Board Member
PDG (D3230)
359 North Main Road
Anna Nagar West
Chennai 600 101 India
Tel. 044 43519099
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